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We're proud of our family!  Check back soon to see what new  pictures  we will be sharing with you! 

Wedding Pic
Mike & Patty Poupart
Married at Moran Point, Grand Canyon, Arizona on August 28, 2000
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Poupart men
Mike Poupart, flanked by his sons, Shane (left) and Robbie (right) on October 16, 2001

Robbie & Shane
The Brothers - Robbie & Shane
We couldn't be more proud of 'em!

Courtney~Shane Wedding Party
Newly Married!!!
The Poupart family expanded on April 29, 2006 as
Shane Poupart takes Courtney Boudreaux as his wife
in a lovely ceremony at the Omni Royal Orleans Hotel.
(Wedding Party Pictured above)
  Courtney~Shane Wedding Dance
Shane and Courtney Poupart

Cole Michael Poupart

The newest Poupart!
Cole Michael Poupart - Born February 26, 2010
to Robbie Poupart and Heather Melancon

10th Anniversary

Mike & Patty at Moran Point for our 10th Wedding Anniversary
August 29, 2010

HeatherRobbieCole       ShaneCourtney

Christmas Day, 2010
Left: Heather, Robbie & Cole (10 mos.); and Right: Courtney (Mother-to-Be @ 31 weeks 1 day)& Shane

The younger Pouparts enjoy racing as much as their parents do.  Shane enjoys his 1988 Mazda RX7 (below - left) on the street, at the drags, and at the autocross track.  He has updated the car to a turbo-charged motor and many other modifications that make the car fun.  Shane also owns a 1968 MG Midget (below - right) which is prepared for SCCA Solo 2 competition in the D-Prepared class. 

 Shane RX7       Shane DP68

 traffic cone

 Robbie Kart       Robbie-Honda

Robbie is a talented driver in many forms of racing, including karting, autocrossing, drag racing, and road racing.  On April 24, 2002 (above - left), he participated in a karting event held at No Problem Raceway in Belle Rose, LA (near Donaldsonville).  Robbie took 1st place in the Street Mod class at the "Racer's Paradise" autocross held at Zephyr Stadium on December 5, 2004 (above - right) by Delta Region SCCA.  He was also the course designer for the event.

One of his racing accomplishments was while driving the Sonic Boom Motorsports Honda Civic.  His very first full 1/4 mile pass in the car was a 9.812 at 143.20 mph.  (Click here for the video of this run.)  This was the fastest the car had ever been and was fast enough to require him to become NHRA certified.  On December 10, 2004, he piloted the Civic through the NHRA required licensing procedures.  His crew, friends, and family cheered him on throughout the night.  On his last pass, he clocked an overall best time of 9.698 at 152.76 mph.  His level of professionalism and focus are to be admired when there is so much at stake.  It was great being there with him and sharing the excitement of the evening.  We are very proud of  Robbie and see great things for him in the future!

 Robbie-Sonic       Robbie-Slip

We are very lucky to share our love of racing as a family.  Here are some photos of us racing as a team in the 24 Hours of LeMons over the last few years. 

1.The Professionals    2.Bio-Hazard Racing
   3.Poo-Parts Racing    4.D-Bags

1.   October 17-19, 2008 - 24 Hours of LeMons at Motor Sports Ranch, Houston, TX - Team: The Professionals; Drivers: Mike Poupart, Robbie Poupart, Dennis Gros, Chris Wilken,
      Mark Summers, and Phil LaHaye; Crew: Patty Poupart, Johnny Walter (See Blog on Project Lemon Hauler / Danger Ranger for full race photos and news)

2.   February 27 - March 1, 2009 - 24 Hours of LeMons at Motor Sports Ranch, Houston, TX - Team: Bio-Hazard Racing; Drivers: Phil LaHaye, Patty Poupart, Paul Tellarico, Chris Wilken,
      Teddy Busick, and Mark Summers; Crew:
Mike Poupart (See Blog on Bio-Hazard Racing for full race photos and news)

3.   June 6-7, 2009 - 24 Hours of LeMons at Circuit Grand Bayou, Belle Rose, LA - Team: Poo-Parts Racing; Drivers: Mike Poupart, Jeff Moore, Robbie Poupart, Shane Poupart, and
      Kenny Pullen (substituting for Patty Poupart who was out with a broken wrist); Crew: Heather Melancon

4.   November 9-10, 2010 - 24 Hours of LeMons at Circuit Grand Bayou, Belle Rose, LA - Team: D-Bags; Drivers: Robbie Poupart, Jonathan Bruce, Jeff Moore, Charlie Moore, and
Poupart; Crew: Mike Poupart, Patty Poupart, Heather Melancon, Cole Poupart, and Courtney Poupart

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